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SXSW 2017

Marketing in the Age of the Non-Conformist

Today’s consumers refuse to be confined by labels and demographics, yet expect a seamlessly personalized marketing experience. They stand at the intersection of culture and commerce and expect brands to match that sort of specific and personalized marketing that fits aesthetically and culturally into their daily life. Enter the shift to a new age of the industry: psychographic marketing.

In a world of 7 billion individuals, psychographic marketing, when coupled with powerful user profile data, allows marketers to embrace the uniqueness of each potential consumer and tailor a message specifically for them.

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  1. How will this shift affect the marketing industry as a whole?
  2. How do brands shift the way they target their consumer across social media, press coverage and/or event programming?
  3. How can we make psychographic data actionable?



Courtney Ridgway, Sr Mktg Mgr, AGW Group

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