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The Commoditization of Overnight Entrepreneurship

Just a few months ago, The Pebble E-paper Watch project received a record-breaking $10.2 million through Kickstarter in a widespread show of support from a community of 68,000+ micro-funders. And all this support was for a product that doesn’t exist, from an individual with no track record of success. A few years ago, this would have been considered a stroke of good luck, yet as of July 3, 2012, there have been over 62,000 launched projects on Kickstarter (3,973 are currently in progress), with a steady success rate of approximately 44%. The completed successful projects have raised a total of $229 million. If you have an idea, you can design your idea, create a prototype, pitch the idea to the world using simple video-making programs (e.g., Photobooth) and fund a newly invented startup within a few days or weeks.
This panel is about discussing the commoditization of entrepreneurship and the future of bringing ideas to the marketplace.

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Mukund Gopalakrishna, Brand Planner, Tribal DDB Worldwide

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