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SXSWedu 2017

Parent Education Sparks Engagement

How do successful education organizations and companies truly engage parents in their children’s learning? Discovering the answer is the mission of hundreds of startups in the edtech space right now. Representing two different approaches to connecting directly with parents, the participants in this Core Conversation will model how they provide more than intermittent interaction or engagement with parents through their participatory education programs and responsive social media platforms, going beyond just behavior reports, snapshots, and school information notifications. Their best practices and lessons learned benefit all entrepreneurs seeking to reach this elusive parent market.

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  1. What are the lessons learned from traditional parent education programs that can be applied and expanded for edtech-based parent engagement products?
  2. How can we measure the impact of parent engagement on children's success in critical thinking and social emotional learning skills?
  3. How can a company or nonprofit organization bypass the traditional gatekeepers of learning information (teachers) and engage directly with families?



Jessica Millstone, Dir of Engagement, BrainPOP

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