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Font Detective, Extra Bold

Thomas Phinney presents his clues and conclusions from several cases he has been called into as a font detective, including a forged will, legislated point size requirements, a seemingly fake rabbi, an NFL Hall of Fame induction, and documents about President Bush’s National Guard service. Learn how mistakes in typography, printing and font selection ruined what could have otherwise been perfectly good forgeries!

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  1. Is Thomas really the world's only consulting font detective?
  2. What happened when his deepest political beliefs conflicted with the evidence in the Bush memos?
  3. How much harder is it to detect a forgery when you don't have the original documents, but instead have a fax or a photocopy?
  4. When and why is legislating document legibility through point size a problem?
  5. How do people find out about you and where do you get your cases?



Thomas Phinney, Senior Product Manager, Fonts & Typography , Extensis

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