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Your Brand & the Internet: A Firm (Free) Foundation

Consumers no longer wait to be invited to your business via advertising, but search the internet and make buying decisions before you know they are in the market. Businesses that develop real-time interaction with consumers online as well as directly have the advantage. Your online reputation, and its consistency with your in-store image and paid promotion, are increasingly important. But who has time to navigate the digital landscape effectively while running a company? You will leave with a checklist to ensure your business is in the right places online, has a unified image across your brand, and with a plan for building customer engagement and loyalty, leading to increased revenues.

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  1. I have a business to run, and there are so many sites and listings on the internet. Where does my business really need to be to influence customers?
  2. I don't have design or technical skills. How can I set up all these digital profiles and keep them updated to present my business at its best?
  3. Again, I'm busy running my business. Now that I have all these sites and profiles, how do I manage growing customer interaction to increase revenues?



Van Webb, Chief Engineer & Executioner, WEBBbranding

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