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SXSWedu 2017

Equity * Access * Learning: Broadband 2.0

Do you want to ensure effective digital learning experiences for all learners? If yes, first provide seamless access to high-speed broadband in and outside of school for all learners – no exceptions. The need for speed is no longer an afterthought in education; instead it is fundamental for implementing student-centered learning models to ensure high quality learning experiences. Access enables students to create content, participate in online courses and video conferencing with experts. Hear examples of transformative learning experiences including robot building and programming, Minecraft gaming in action and project based learning experiences enabled by the high-speed broadband access.

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  1. Explore examples of digital learning transformation supported by seamless access to high-speed broadband.
  2. Analyze options for efficient and cost effective broadband implementation at the state and district level.
  3. Understand the policies and practices related to effective broadband deployment to support learning.



Christine Fox, Deputy Exec Dir, SETDA

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