SXSW 2017

Why Artists Should Choose Indie Labels


The word ‘Indie’ to many people connotes things like ‘small’ or ‘niche’, but today’s charts are saying otherwise. Independent labels continue to grow market share, and artists with Independent labels are seen on every main stage across the country and the world. Come learn from top managers and Indie labels why the indie label market is, and will continue to grow and compete across the world stage. Broken down by A&R, deal-terms, marketing, and more.

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  1. So many labels fall under "Independent" how do our panelists envision what an Independent Label is?
  2. How does the creativity and A&R process differ in an Independent label than a typical deal with a major label?
  3. In terms of radio play and global distribution, does the Independent label community have that broad reach, and how do you handle a worldwide release?



Alexandra Rosen, Mktg Mgr, A2IM (American Association of Independent Music)

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