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SXSW Music 2013

Digital Marketing Bootcamp For Musicians

The five goals of digital marketing are:

• Improving your social reach
• Increasing your fan engagement
• Identifying and engaging influencers
• Increasing lead generation
• Applying analytics to know what works

In this session, Theda Sandiford VP Digital Marketing, Universal Republic Records will present a series of label case studies to illustrate tactics in each of these five areas.

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  1. Improving your social reach goes beyond the number of social platforms you are on and how many followers or likes you have. How do you develop a brand story arch that optimizes comments, @ mentions and shares to tap into the social graph and drive word-of-mouth? See several examples
  2. 90% of social marketing is listening to your fanbase and giving them more of what they want. But not all fans are cut from the same cloth. How do you develop an editorial calendar that speaks to different fan segments and brings them together? Several tactics will be discussed.
  3. How do you go about identifying and engaging influencers? What motivates these people? And how do you turn them into super fans? We will discuss ways you can incentivize influencers to work on your behalf and spread the gospel.
  4. Pixel tracking, Search, CPC, Facebook Sponsored Stories, Twitter chats, Gated downloads and email are all effective lead generation tactics. What are some of the best practices in each of these areas? See examples
  5. If you can measure it, you can influence the outcome. What kind of metrics should you be measuring? What tools are available to help measure results?



Theda Sandiford, VP Digital Marketing, Universal Republic Records

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