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Be a grower, not a show-er: Build a video brand

You did it! You had a story in your head that you were dying to tell. You’ve turned it into reality by creating your own web series and now you’re killing it with millions of views on You Tube. Whether this is your reality, or you’re still dreaming of this day, eventually you’ll get to the next step – now what? How should I think about expanding my show beyond YouTube? How do I go from one-hit wonder to building a true franchise? We’ll give real world examples and practical advice for building a successful web series brand, including how to find and built a loyal audience, opportunities and pitfalls in distributing your show, and developing revenue streams beyond advertising.

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  1. How can I distribute my show beyond YouTube and is it worth my time?
  2. How can I find an audience for my show and build loyalty from them?
  3. Once I’ve built a big audience, how can I make money beyond advertising and how many people need to be watching my show before I should start thinking about this?
  4. What resources and money do I need to build a successful web series franchise?
  5. Do I need a partner to do this and who should it be?



Kelly Day, CEO, Blip Networks

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