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SXSW 2017

The New Idea Lab: Universities and Tech R&D

University research has always played a key role in developing new technologies, but shifts in funding, startup culture, and R&D resources have propelled academic institutions to engage in innovative new models and partnerships. From corporate and university partnerships to new accelerators and entrepreneur programs, universities are adjusting to have greater impact and drive major tech advancements to meet new opportunities and needs.

This panel brings together leaders from some of the nation’s most innovative university programs, and companies working in unique partnerships with universities, to discuss the challenges and advantages of these new models for tech research and development.

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  1. What kinds of new technologies are universities developing, and how are they being commercialized?
  2. How are corporations now working more closely with universities for R&D, and what do those models look like?
  3. How is startup culture transforming the technology development and tech transfer at universities?


Douglas Freeman, PR & Mktg, Jones-Dilworth Inc

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