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SXSW 2017

Alcohol & Influencer marketing: mixing it up right

In case you haven’t noticed, influencer marketing is hot. According to a recent survey by Buzzoole, 65% of marketers plan to increase spending on influencer marketing this year -- and that includes the marketers of beer, wine and spirits. But how can they get consumers to fall 'under the influence' of their brands in a way that is authentic, sustainable and impactful? You'll find out in this panel featuring industry experts with varying perspectives on how, where and when to activate influencers across channels in the alcohol category -- on-premise, at retail and even at home.

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  1. How can I identify and activate the right influencers & advocates for my (alcohol) brand? Once I find them, how can I keep them engaged over time?
  2. How can I connect the dots between different influencer programs and ensure they are integrated with my overall marketing plan?
  3. How can I measure success? Reach? Engagement? Sales impact? All of the above?



Kerry Lyons, SVP Sales & Mktg , House Party Inc

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