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SXSW 2017

Why Healthcare Needs Better Design to Innovate?

Healthcare has been slow to innovate; in the age of digital health and big data, doctors still use fax machines to communicate. Can design thinking help healthcare to innovate? Design thinking with its focus on rapid prototyping and empathy may provide clinicians with a better toolkit for innovation. The speaker, Dr. Bon Ku, a physician who started the 1st design program within a medical school, will describe his journey of using design to produce medical devices, create healthier spaces, and improve clinical services. Bon will share the challenges of teaching design to non-designers and getting medical students & clinicians to collaborate with industrial/service designers & architects.

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  1. How can designers engage with the healthcare industry?
  2. How can we design healthier hospitals and communities?
  3. How rapid prototyping can accelerate medical device development?



Bon Ku, Assoc Professor , Thomas Jefferson University

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