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SXSW 2017

Wearables: Renaissance or Much Ado About Nothing

Our session pulls together a small panel of "New Renaissance Men and Women" to discuss the complexities of future-oriented transdisciplinary expertise needed for the future of wearables (and work/innovation in general). Panelists include an Anthropologist in High Tech, a Scientist in footwear design, an Architect generating organic 3-D printed structures, and a Fashion Designer focused on skin as interface. We believe that successful innovations will depend upon "modern renaissance" people and collaboration discovering new materials, applications, and business practices to disrupt the future of everything! The panelists represent pathfinding leaders who are leading the way.

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  1. What skills are required to make wearables successful?
  2. How might wearables become a more permanent part of our technology portfolio.
  3. What is transdisciplinary work and how will it shape the future?



Todd Harple, Dir, Innovation & Pathfinding Strategies, Intel

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