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SXSWedu 2017

How to get a second career as a teacher!

Ever use a clunky EdTech tool and thought, “I wish this company would have consulted a teacher before designing this?” Well, what if that teacher were YOU?

Companies are realizing the benefits of hiring more educators to shape better learning tools. And educators are ready to take their expertise from the “demand” to the “supply” part of the EdTech world. Come prepared to take notes and ask questions of this panel of former teachers and hiring managers who work for the most innovative edu companies around. They’ll discuss why collaboration between educators and companies makes for higher quality educational tools - and give you their best tips and tricks for starting your “second career”.

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  1. Why should teachers work in education technology companies?
  2. What are the benefits of working for education technology companies?
  3. How can teachers get jobs at education technology companies?



Adiba Salloum, Head of Human Resources, sofatutor.com

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