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SXSWedu 2017

Advise Me: Maximizing Digital Platforms

Technology has taken a lead role in today’s educational spectrum and provided opportunity for tech businesses. Students meet with academic advisors digitally. They attend virtual classes and make their course selections online. Even the admissions process has gone electronic, but is that the right answer? We love the flexibility and the convenience, but is today’s education experience ultimately better with the use of all these digital platforms? As a business, is digital advising even scalable? Is it helping students succeed? Join experts as they explore academic advising on digital platforms and what it means for the educators, businesses, students, and parents that use and create them.

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  1. Has digital advising proved to be a scalable and valuable business in academia?
  2. In what ways are digital platforms helping to track students’ progress and impact graduation rates and strengthen the current workforce?
  3. How has the use of technology over face-to-face interaction changed educational relationships between educators, students and parents?



Natalie Monkou, Business Dev Mgr, Arlington Economic Development

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