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SXSWedu 2017

Art of Storytelling: What Disney & Pixar Teach Us

Thanks to Instagram, Snapchat and cat videos students are living in technology overload. Inside every smartphone lies an attractive distraction. No wonder the usual lecture doesn’t knock their socks off.

How can you as an educator compete?

By taking a page out of Disney and Pixar’s playbook! Using the same principles of storytelling used by great animation studios you can create super engaging learning experiences that put your students’ whole brain to work, increase memory retention, and make class fun! Join us to learn how you can give Disney a run for its money by using the art of storytelling and visual presentation in your classroom.

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  1. What is the science behind storytelling and learning?
  2. Why does entertaining your students enliven teaching and learning in the classroom?
  3. How can educators using entertaining storytelling to create engaging, enjoyable educational experiences for students?



Sophie Nazerian, Business Dev, sofatutor.com

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