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SXSW 2017

The NCAA's Untapped Advocate: The Student-Athlete

Are we on the cusp of compensating student-athletes for their time between the lines during those four years at State U? Maybe. But many schools are already utilizing tech to access the influence their student-athletes have in social media, even before a sponsorship comes into play.

Join Detroit Lions RB Ameer Abdullah, opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence, and representatives from two top NCAA universities as they discuss the shift in the amateurism landscape as college properties are preparing to help athletes grow their personal social brands as they move throughout their collegiate careers and beyond.

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  1. The workload for student-athletes on behalf of their university is already heavy. What incentive do they have to promote State U on social media?
  2. Student-athletes' social media use has long been met with trepidation from coaches & athletic depts. How can they get on the same team, socially?
  3. How do college sports properties and athletes stand to profit from distributing high quality, team-specific content



Sam Weber, Mktg Coord, opendorse

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