SXSW 2017

What JavaScript Everywhere Really Looks Like


Recent advances now allow us build for every platform with JavaScript. React Native for mobile. Electron for desktop. React for web. And Node.js for backend.

Single language development is a CTO’s holy grail. Gone are the days of paying four teams to build the same thing in different languages. Here are the days of hyper-efficient dev where business logic is implemented once, then shared everywhere.

Or are they?

In this session we’ll give you the no BS guided tour of what a real JavaScript everywhere ecosystem looks like. No theories or concepts. Just real life experience and working code. We’ll answer all your questions so you can make JS-related stack decisions with confidence.

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  1. What options are available for building for __insert various platform names here__ platform using JavaScript?
  2. What are the real-world efficiencies and inefficiencies of a JavaScript-everywhere product tech stack?
  3. Is adopting a JavaScript everywhere tech approach the right decision for my product?



Lawson Kurtz, Software Engineer, Viget

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