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SXSW 2017

The Lifecycle of Engagement of Girls in Tech

TechGirlz has spent the last decade finding that role models, mentors and courses in school are not fixing the gender gap in the tech workforce. We find engaging girls in middle school with project based workshops delivered by tech industry members can make headway on increasing girls and eventually women in tech. What happens when we inspire girls to consider tech as a career and don't have a plan to keep them engaged? Once the fire has been lit, how do we plan to keep girls interested as they weave through higher education and careers to ensure these efforts aren’t wasted? TechGirlz Founder will discuss their method and focus on tactics to keep these girls in the tech talent pipeline.

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  1. How can I help be part of engaging girls in tech even if I am not "technical"?
  2. Why can't schools be the leaders in keeping girls engaged in technology?
  3. How do we show girls that technology is not just about coding?



Tracey welson, Founder, TechGirlz

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