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SXSWedu 2017

Confidence in the Classroom: Built by Instructors

Knowledge can change overnight, but attributes such as leadership, communication, teamwork, innovation and collaboration help build learners that are ready to take on any challenge thrown their way. Researchers are recognizing the growing importance of these “employability skills.”

And while we know that one-on-one mentoring is the best way to build confidence, technology can also play a vital role to help scale these benefits.

Personalized software can give students the right amount of information they need at the exact time, while giving opportunities for team building, collaboration and critical thinking – the foundation of the confident and adaptable learner.

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  1. Get real-world ideas on how to adapt teaching styles to instill confidence skills into students.
  2. Understand how personalized technology can scale the confidence-building methods of educators.
  3. Gain inspiration from Destiny Woodhouse’s personal journey and see how education and confidence have changed her life.



Dan Sieger, SVP, Brand Strategy, Cengage Learing

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