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SXSWedu 2017

Kindergarten's Lessons on Teaching & Learning

Kindergarten has some surprising lessons for teaching and learning at all levels. Kindergarten classrooms often allow students to ask questions, play and explore, struggle and at times even fail, direct their own learning, and practice skills over time. They foster a child’s curiosity about science and the natural world. Project-based learning is common, where the class works together to build something or solve a problem. But does that continue in K12 and higher education? Or do some of our practices stifle the very curiosity and autonomy we want to encourage? In this session, we explore best kindergarten practices and how to incorporate them at different educational levels and settings.

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  1. Discuss what goes on in a typical kindergarten classroom, how settings evolve through higher grades and impact to learning.
  2. Discuss practices that foster or stifle curiosity about science and the natural world.
  3. Identify educational practices that are broadly applicable across a range of levels and settings that will support early interest in math and science.



Kate Geraghty, VP Communications, Macmillan Learning

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