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SXSW 2017

The Domino Effect of Flawed Breach Response

The unthinkable happens – your company has been breached. How has this happened? What are the first steps you take? Are you prepared? In this interactive session you’ll gain insight into the breach response process, uncover best and worst practices, and experience the long-term domino effects inherent with each. Attendees will form small groups to role-play the wide variety of responses at each stage, and uncover the potential long-term effects of actions. By learning best practices through seeing the effect of worst practices, you’ll walk away with unique insight into the breach response process that will help you prepare your company.

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  1. How can one wrong move when responding to a breach spark a chain reaction that takes down a business?
  2. Who are the necessary players to have on your team when responding to a breach?
  3. Do I have blind spots when it comes to breach response? How can I protect my organization from growing threats?



Mya Wilkes, Account Coord, INK Public Relations

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