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Forget what you know: the power of unlearning


When faced with a new problem, we often rely on our old habits and past experiences to guide our decision-making process; we tap into existing schemas and leverage things we already know to reach a solution. This panel will undo all of that. We’ll explore the power of unlearning and why it’s a crucial tool that is unfortunately underutilized. Panelists will discuss questions to use in determining if you’re facing an unlearning challenge, and offer suggestions on how to unlearn an existing way of thinking that may be impeding your problem solving. What impact does unlearning have on educators? Students? Curricula? This panel will show you. Come unlearn with us.

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  1. Understand the challenges associated with unlearning, while exploring the numerous educational benefits for both students and teachers.
  2. Provide educators with a set of questions to ask themselves and their students to understand if they’re facing an unlearning challenge.
  3. Look at various educational and business institutions that are exemplars in using unlearning to tackle problems in unique new ways.



Lisa Trask, Dir of Mktg, Beaver Country Day School

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