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SXSW 2017

Beyond: Creating An LGBT Economy

Finding a 'niche' is key to business success. But when it comes to LGBT Creatives- our niche could be an industry. This presentation will demonstrate the history of lgbt creative business pockets such as the ball scene and the 'First Friday' phenomenon of major cities. Examine the setbacks lgbt and women focused creative businesses have faced. Highlight industry leaders like travel companies and annual events. And finally, give the next steps on how a sustainable economy can be built. This means jobs. This means jobs for those who are overlooked for jobs. This means combating the homelessness, isolation, discrimination and violence, experienced by a very vulnerable community-- and winning.

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  1. What can political, social, financial effects can happen if queer creatives begin to intentionally work together?
  2. How has the isolation experienced as queer creatives be used in a way to benefit others and set trends for the country?
  3. What can successful lgbt creatives do to further grow their wealth, community health and leverage their celebrity to make change?



Yaani Supreme, COO, Cee Smith Media

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