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SXSW Interactive 2013

Are Mobile Wallets Really the Holy Grail?

The mobile wallet it a utopic idea, promising not only freedom from lumpy back pockets, but cost saving through automatic coupon redemption and loyalty programs--all with a simple swipe. Sounds like bliss for the tech-savvy crowd. But is it truly the Holy Grail of utility? Will we really be able to leave the physical wallet at home? There are some significant barriers, the biggest of which are likely government issued ID and security concerns. We can only assume that the likes of Google and Apple will deliver products that offer all the capabilities we’ve dreamed of, but smartphone manufacturers will need to get even smarter and retailers need to quicken their pace tenfold to adopt these technological capabilities. Without the payoff, that tipping point may simply elude us. How long will it take the mobile wallet to become universally useful? This panel will get to the bottom of the confusing mobile wallet and retail landscape, including payments, coupons, security and identification.

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  1. Is the last barrier to leaving the leather wallet at home the state government and moving to digital ID cards?
  2. Everyone talks about security – what's the inside scoop from a top, neutral, security analyst perspective?
  3. What are the real limiting factors affecting the timing of mobile wallet adoption - the technology? The handsets? The retailers?
  4. How will mobile wallets work for the smaller business? Is the phone-to-phone solution (like Square) the key?
  5. How do marketing and mobile wallets collide? Will customers make the tradeoff of privacy for deals?


  • Greg Janssen, Global Mobile Director, Critical Mass
  • Evan Brody, Senior Manager - Digital Guest Experience, 7-Eleven
  • Andrew Hoog, Chief Investigative Officer and Co-founder, viaForensics
  • TJ Person, Co-founder and CEO, Koupon Media


Greg Janssen, Global Mobile Director, Critical Mass

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Entrepreneurialism and Business
  • Level: Intermediate
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