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SXSW 2017

Saving the Web: Internet Histories for the Future

Preserving the contents of the World Wide Web is an increasingly vital activity. The Web today is a ubiquitous global information system, and yet significant amounts of its contents disappear daily. The average Web page remains online for barely 100 days and increasingly the content is fleetingly dynamic. In this session we will explore the challenges involved with archiving the Internet - how do we decide what should be preserved, who should be responsible for preserving it, how do we make it available for the scholars of the future, and why is it so important for the future of the internet and the good of humanity that we treat this as an activity of increasing global significance

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  1. Why is it important that we preserve the contents of the Web
  2. How do we make web archives accessible to the scholars of the future?
  3. What are the technical and ethical challenges of preserving what’s on the Internet?



Wendy Hall, Prof of Comp Sci, University of Southampton

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