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SXSWedu 2017

Game On! The Rise of Digital Storytellers

Writers in the Schools is a Houston-based non-profit with 33 years of experience engaging writers, teachers and artists to open young, K-12 minds through the power of creative writing. In 2015 WITS launched an edtech/digital literacy initiative with Histrionix Learning Company that leverages digital tools -- including game-creation platforms like Gamestar Mechanic and Minecraft -- to design and develop new teacher-friendly, STEAM-centric educational programs. In its inaugural year, WITS Digital amassed an enthusiastic citywide following and was honored with the first annual Jamail Award for Innovation from the Houston Arts Alliance.

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  1. Gain practical insight on challenges and best practices on how public/ private partnerships can drive innovation and impact in the classroom.
  2. Learn in depth how creative writing and game design can easily be paired pedagogically to engage and maximize impact on students.
  3. Game developers can get a window into how games can enhance students' educational outcomes, and how better stories create more interesting games.



Rick Brennan, CEO, Histrionix Learning Company

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