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SXSWedu 2017

What Can We Learn From 3,000 EdTech Reviews?

For the past four years, Common Sense Education has been rating and reviewing edtech. Along the way we've conducted nearly 3,000 in-depth evaluations of tools paired with 9,000 from-the-field reviews from teachers. This unique data offers valuable, industry-leading insights on what's good and what's not in edtech including the key gaps and blindspots in the market, points of over-saturation, usage trends, and what teachers really want. This session offers a first, exclusive look at what we've found. It'll start with some key takeaways and data points, lead into some bold and risky claims about where edtech is going and what's needed, and end with audience questions and prognostications.

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  1. Attendees will gain insight into key trends, and possible futures, of edtech.
  2. Attendees will better understand what makes for good and bad edtech tools.
  3. Attendees will know the gaps in the market and points of oversaturation.



Tanner Higgin, Dir, Education Editorial Strategy, Common Sense Education

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  • Tags: edtech, developers, industry
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Industry Talk
  • Track: Business
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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