SXSW 2017

Wanted: Women in Tech Mentors & Mentees


Mentorship might just be one of the keys to solving the lack of gender diversity in the tech industry. While we won't talk about why mentorship is important, which is, by now, common knowledge, we will take a deeper dive into what's preventing more tech companies from implementing mentorship programs that could positively impact both growth and talent retention and what's preventing more women from proactively looking for mentors/mentees on their own.

We will also touch on why, instead of asking women to "fit" into the boys' club, we should ask ourselves what needs to be done to create an environment where women can thrive in STEM fields.

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  1. How do you find the right mentor or mentee & how do you approach that relationship?
  2. What can companies big and small do to foster mentorship of their female employees through either company sponsored or unofficial methods?
  3. What is reverse mentoring, it's importance, and who does it & needs it?



Nicole Forbes, Enterprise Accounts & Strategic Partnerships, Media Temple

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