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SXSW 2017

Grit Over Genius: Brute Force Design

In digital product design, there’s no such thing as having a “secret sauce” or lightning bulb moments. Even the smartest creative minds can’t just waltz into a room and conjure solutions out of thin air. Creating the best digital products requires hard work, hours, and sweat. It’s a design process we call Brute Force. It takes hundreds of prototypes and a rigorous test-and-learn process to discover winning solutions.

Over the course of their careers, Felipe Memoria and Joe Stewart have collaborated on several beloved digital products - from HBO GO to Virgin America’s booking experience. Ask them, and they’ll tell you a secret: being a great designer is more about grit than it is genius.

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  1. What should product designers do to get better at their craft?
  2. What design approaches are the best for digital products and services?
  3. How do I prepare and plan for the creation of a new digital product?



Lindsay Liu, Group Dir Mktg, Work & Co

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