SXSW 2017

Improv & Art Games for Designers & Engineers

Improv is for designers, too! Research has shown that people design better solutions when they start out with numerous ideas to choose from. You can get those numerous ideas by increasing your openness to new ways of thinking and from effective collaboration. Improv exercises help exactly that. This session focuses on improving your skills in two specific research-based idea generation techniques: brainstorming, and a purely visual idea-generation method frequently used by mechanical engineers. Leading up to these techniques, participants will play improv and art games meant to hone their performance in relevant skills, like quicker thinking, overcoming failure, and sketching.

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  1. How can simple games help me be a more creative and collaborative designer, engineer, or problem-solver?
  2. What does research in psychology, business, and engineering tell us about effective idea generation techniques?
  3. How do you play some really fun improv games that you can do with your team?



Pius Wong, Engineer, Pios Labs

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