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SXSW 2017

Baking Inclusivity & Accessibility Into Software

Most technology is exclusive. It is designed for a specific subset of the population, intentionally or not. Non-typical users are deterred and have a subpar user experience—especially people with hearing/visual impairments, LGBT folks, women, even users with unusual characters in their names. Yet, creating accessible technology is not expensive, complicated, or by any means impossible—so why not do it? A hidden market is waiting for you!

We will demonstrate formulas for baking accessibility into existing technology without much cost, and guide you through building a simple web application with accessible features. We will also share strategies for developing inclusive tech down the road.

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  1. Why should I make tech accessible for customers who are: women, LGBT, have non-standard characters in their names, hearing/visually impaired?
  2. What are some short-term strategies I can implement in my tech that will make it more accessible?
  3. How should I think about accessibility long-term as I continue to build new products and acquire new customers?


  • Sara Inés Calderón, Front End Developer, Curb Inc.
  • Holly Gibson, Developer, Praxent


Sara Inés Calderón, Front End Developer, Curb

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