SXSW 2017

The Power of Direct to Fan Engagement


In today’s music world the most valuable and profitable revenue stream an artist has is directly with their fans. Join this panel and learn how to increase fan engagement and maximize revenue streams through direct-to-fan sales online and at live shows. We’ll discuss driving acquisition of fan data, content, and product development across channels and venues. To make it interactive, we invite participants to present/submit their best merch to receive constructive/actionable tips. Attendees vote on winners for best merch to receive valuable prizes from our sponsors. To participate in the #bestofmerch contest, attendees bring samples to the panel or submit photos via email and Social Media.

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  1. What is fan engagement and how can I use it to win & retain more fans?
  2. What are the ways I can generate more revenue utilizing direct-to-fan strategies while keeping 100% of the profits?
  3. How do I create and market a merchandising line that will put more cash in my pocket, help me sell more music and get on the Billboard charts?



Bram Bessoff, Founder & Pres,

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