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SXSW 2017

Reverse Engineer an Internet Food Sensation

A few years ago, only your vegan roommate ate kale. Now it’s ubiquitous, with broccoli rabe hot on its heels. When Darren Wong decided to sell his “Raindrop Cake” at a Brooklyn food festival, it was just a casual side project. Within weeks, coverage of the confection had flooded peoples’ newsfeeds. And years after first deciding to explore limited edition flavors, creations from OREO’s Wonder Vault have become a hotly anticipated staple for the “world’s favorite cookie” brand. How does this magic happen? This panel will explore how an abundance of previously untapped consumer behavior data is now driving new food trends, with the people who are shaping the world we all rabidly consume.

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  1. How is consumer behavior data used to determine and drive food trends?
  2. What elements come into play when engineering a food internet sensation?
  3. Does the food even matter, can creative minds make anything internet famous?



Kelsey Rohwer, PR & Communications Mgr, 360i

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