SXSW 2017

Beer Taps, Brooches & the Tales of Hardware Stunts


In a world where social media is an infinite pool of content and microsites have gone extinct, a new activation of connected-hardware stunts has emerged as one of the more compelling ways to interact with users and promote a brand, or product. From a "Twerrible Towel" that twirled into the hearts of Steelers fans to a galloping "Social Brooch" that overshadowed Kentucky Derby on-air personalities like Johnny Weir, Viget's connected hardware team will explain what goes into a successful hardware stunt and share the amazing stories that happened along the way. For production and creatives alike, this session will reveal the intricacies of the emerging realm of creative connected hardware.

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  1. What makes a good hardware stunt idea great?
  2. What goes into the logistical elements of making it happen?
  3. What are quirkiest, craziest, and most interesting stories of pulling them off?


  • Ben Eckerson, Senior Digital Strategist, Viget
  • Justin Sinichko, Hardware Developer, Viget


Ben Eckerson, Sr Digital Strategist, Viget

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