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SXSW Interactive 2013

Agency Swap: A US/UK Creative Exchange

How global is creativity? We decided to swap one of Mason Zimbler’s US art directors with their UK office counterpart to find out and to answer a few other questions we had, like: Do their ideas translate? Do we approach client challenges in the same way? And does switching up our work environment inspire fresh, creative thinking?
Armed with video cameras to document their journey and blogs to share their experiences, our two test subjects, err art directors, spent three weeks getting to know their new cities and agencies. The shops, located in Austin and Bristol, both specialize in what we call disruptive technology marketing, which spans from digital innovation to strategy to creative, as well as data analysis, marketing automation and social marketing.
Hear from the two lucky art directors themselves, their creative directors and each agency’s managing directors about the first Mason Zimbler creativity abroad program. It may just inspire you to ship off your creatives.

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  1. How global are our ideas? Do they translate from one office to the other and from one set of clients to the other?
  2. Is one office more on the cutting edge of technology as it applies to our clients and creativity than the other? Do client expectations vary among offices?
  3. Are there any technologies, processes or positions that can be applied from one agency to the other for better workflow?
  4. How do our surroundings influence our ideas? Will the type of work each art director produces change in their new home?
  5. Does switching up the environment we work in inspire creative, fresh thinking? Should we and other agencies considering implementing such a program for the longer term?



Jeff Neely, Creative Director, mason zimbler

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