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SXSW 2017

With Sun Hats, Even at Night the Sun Comes Out

Colombia has reinvented itself through innovation. But in rural Colombia, time has stopped. Millions live in places almost impossible to reach and don’t have access to any type of public service. EPM, needed to introduce to them its solar energy program. To do this we had to let them know what solar energy is about, integrate it into their lives and let them see the benefits of it in their daily routine. We used one of the most symbolic elements of our culture: the hat, and integrated it with existing solar technology. Sun Hats, solar powered hats that charge during the day and at night light up. Sun Hats adapted relevant technology to our public’s lifestyle in a way that made a difference.

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  1. For something to be called innovative, does it have to use or be cutting edge high techology?
  2. How can social innovation transform an entire country?
  3. How can huge brands and companies adapt one to one with its users in an innovative way?



Leo Macias, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide

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