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SXSW 2017

The New Content Economy

All of you are fluent in today’s technology rhetoric; more connectivity + better networks + lower costs = more connected devices than ever before. At the same time, we seemingly have less time (and attention) to sort through the bounty of information and opinions flung across the inter webs. As attention spans are collectively decreasing, people have become experts at dismissing irrelevant or unauthentic content, which equals the opportunity cost associated with being a human in the 21st century. What does economic theory tell us about the role of consumer-generated content as currency?

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  1. What is the future of consumer-generated content and what role will it play in our economy?
  2. How can content providers make their content stand out in a sea of noise and what is the cost?
  3. When and how did consumer generated content become currency? What economic issues are involved in the value exchange?



Alden Schell, Brand & Content Mgr, Bazaarvoice

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