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SXSW 2017

Cannabis Crossroads: Shattering Stigmas

America is at a cannabis crossroads. The challenges are seemingly endless, including scaling a new industry with many unknown variables, providing accurate and easily digestible information/education to the public, working with the proper legal/government channels to legitimize the industry. All the while keeping in mind that cannabis is still federally illegal, with vastly varying laws and restrictions from state to state. These variances make scaling a business in this industry nearly impossible. We are standing at the threshold of a New America. A legalized cannabis industry stands to completely disrupt the health and wellness space like nothing we have witnessed before.

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  1. As legal pot expands, will corporatization turn the marijuana industry into Big Tobacco 2.0?
  2. There are many health claims made about benefits of cannabis. Where does the plant show the most promise? What research is being done to support this?
  3. What are the primary challenges faced when scaling a cannabis business? How have you worked to overcome these challenges?



Jennifer Price, Media Strategist, Strainz

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