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Legal Technology is an Oxymoron

The term “legal technology” is an oxymoron. In today’s technology driven world, lawyers are trapped in the Dark Ages, inflexible and refusing to get creative in offering consumer-driven solutions. The legal system is failing; failing to keep up, failing to serve its citizens. Over 50% of middle and upper class consumers feel they can’t afford legal help. The Access to Justice gap has widened so far that everyone, rich and poor, struggle to DIY. Mark Britton, founder and CEO of Avvo, an online legal marketplace, will talk about why the industry needs more developers, data analysts, and marketers to help change the status quo.

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  1. Exactly how many people lack access to the legal system? And why should we care?
  2. Why is the legal industry so slow to adapt to today’s consumer?
  3. How can technology – entrepreneurs, developers, and data analysts – help move the industry forward?



Diane Geurts, Sr Communications Mgr, Avvo

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