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Brogramming Your Way to Better BizDev Deals

Forget the slick Powerpoint slides by the guy in khakis and a blazer. Developers are once again in the driver's seat, and they are changing the game of how we make deals in tech. Hotshots and hobbyists used to gather at the Homebrew Computer Club. Now they use hackathons and APIs to get under the hood quickly and build functional prototypes with great data. But all hackathons are not created equal. Useful hackathons recognize that developers (men and women) like to tinker, experiment, and socialize a little differently. Done correctly, hackathons also create connections to new talent, partners and and investors based on merit and skills in a pressure-cooker of real-time, agile coding sessions -- instead relying on reputation and a deck to make deals.

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Tiffany Ho, Marketing Coordinator, Mashery

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