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SXSWedu 2017

Building a Pipeline for Minority Students in STEM

With the STEM field being one of the least diverse fields, the critical question is how we change this. Building a robust educational pipeline for minority students in STEM fields can and will change this. This pipeline is established by bolstering STEM output via the way STEM is taught and learned in our K-12 systems, and by building strategic partnerships with universities and corporate entities. When the entire pipeline is focused on what innovative companies need to meet their growing talent needs, the pipeline produces students ready for the STEM workforce. This session will focus on ways this inclusive pipeline can be built to increase diversity in STEM.

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  1. Creating STEM partnerships to bolster learning opportunities across public and private institutions.
  2. Creating STEM programs that align directly with what innovative companies need.
  3. Gauging student interest in STEM and the resources required to build successful STEM programs.



Kathryn Elias, Mktg Asst, Wake County Economic Development

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