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So we won SOPA: Turning a Moment into a Movement.

The fight over SOPA/PIPA was a Washington watershed: 15 million Americans contacted Congress and stopped laws that would have harmed online culture and innovation. This panel will discuss how to transform this victory nto a strong, self-sustaining movement to promote and defend the Internet. The panel features top staff from the offices of two leading members of Congress (Senator Ron Wyden and Rep. Darrell Issa), an online organizer from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the head of the independent musicians' advcacy group "Future of Music, and /Public Enemy founder/digital rights advocate Hank Shocklee It will be moderated by Michael Petricone of the Consumer Electronics Association, who played a key role in the SOPA/PIPA issue on Capitol Hill.




michael petricone, sr vp, consumer electronics association

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