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Time Management for Musicians


You can keep time when you're playing, but can you do it offstage? Just as time is the foundation of music, time management is the basis of organization -- and every independent musician has got to be organized. Running the business side of your music career requires keeping multiple rhythms simultaneously: Email, social media, booking, promoting, rehearsing, performing, writing, recording.... It's so easy to lose your place and miss opportunities or burn bridges. In this session, led by a professional organizer who specializes in chronic disorganization, learn how to get a grip on all aspects of your career by taking control of your time.

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  1. I have a hard time switching gears, especially when I'm in the zone on something. How can I control that without limiting my creativity?
  2. Established musicians have teams of people supporting them. How am I supposed to do it all myself?
  3. How do I decide what to focus on when everything needs to be done all at once?



Debbie Stanley, Organizational Consultant, Thoughts In Order

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