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SXSWedu 2017

Electronic Quilts: Weaving Art with Engineering

Motivate deeper learning in art and engineering (or STEAM) with electronic quilting projects, for all ages. Come to this session to get practical advice on integrated curriculum design from an engineer and teacher team. Hear about the predictable ways to scale difficulty for students with different needs. Check out example LED light-up quilts powered by Arduino, batteries, and sensors. We will describe the process for developing such quilts, from inspiration to final display. Each step requires practicing concepts in art, design, physics, math, engineering, computer science, and technology to progress. We suggest a general lesson plan that can be adapted for different time frames.

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  1. Creating electronic quilts requires learning and application of knowledge in art, engineering, technology, and computer science.
  2. Electronic quilt projects can be scaled predictably to allow for differences in student base knowledge, learning goals, and available resources.
  3. Electronic quilts are a novel way to implement project-based learning and self-motivated or inquiry-based learning.


  • Pius Wong, Pios Labs
  • Rachel Fahrig, Texas Education Agency


Pius Wong, Engineer, Pios Labs

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