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SXSW 2017

"I Remember That Band": Preserving Local Music

Within the last decade, archival institutions have broadened their collection scope to recognize the rich, vibrant local music scenes -- be they punk, hip hop, heavy metal, or folk -- and their importance in communities. In this panel, archivists from three such institutions will discuss how their local music archives began, how they made inroads with the music community, and what local music archives can tell us about the community-at-large. This discussion is a peek into a proposed book by Scott Carlson and Norie Guthrie, founders of the web site Indie Preserves, which will explore local music archives from the angles of institutions, creators, and researchers.

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  1. Why are archives preserving local music scenes?
  2. What types of materials are local music archives collecting?
  3. Why is saving local music important for the community?



Norie Guthrie, Archivist, Special Collections Librarian, Rice University

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