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Don't Lecture the Adults


Often, when adults are the "students", everything we know about learning doesn't seem to matter. We lecture, read PowerPoints, and position adults as passive recipients of our knowledge. And then we're surprised by shallow understanding or lack of investment in an associated strategy.

How could your next meeting or professional development outcomes shift if the adults were active learners rather than passive recipients? What if you made THEM do the sense-making instead of doing it for them? What if they had to transfer new understandings to their own unique contexts?

We'll explore strategies for deeper adult learning WHILE experiencing those same strategies.

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  1. Experience deeper learning designed for adults.
  2. Unpack the design of activities designed to get participants interacting and sense-making for themselves.
  3. Apply deeper learning principles to your own session or training.


  • Matt Thompson, New Tech Network
  • Alix Horton, New Tech Network


Matt Thompson, School Development Coach, New Tech Network

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