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SXSW 2017

Microbudget Women: Stop Waiting for Gatekeepers

Microbudget Women: Stop Waiting for Gatekeepers

Our panel will cover how the careers of four women were dramatically and positively impacted from the script to screen process of microbudget filmmaking and will impart practical advice about money, time, and production aimed to inspire women to stop waiting for gatekeepers and make their films yesterday, on the cheap.

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  1. Why should I make my movie now instead of waiting for millions of dollars to be given to me?
  2. What artistic benefits are there to having control over my film's content by keeping the budget low?
  3. People are totally paying attention to women in film, now! Sexism is eradicated! There's so many opportunities! Why do I need your advice?



Liz Manashil, Mgr Artist Services, Sundance Institute

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