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SXSW 2017

You’re a Film Director and You Don’t Even Know It

Everybody needs content. But few have the money to afford a production house for every piece of footage they need. So they do it in-house. Whether you’re a client, a creative director, an advertising creative, a producer or a digital artist, it’s inevitable: you’ll end up in the director’s chair, and you won’t even see it coming.

This workshop sheds light on some of the most misunderstood, but fundamental, principles of filmmaking, photography, lighting, framing and production logistics, and how they should be applied to your in-house video productions. You will learn practical skills to improve the production value of your underfinanced projects, and avoid a bunch of sneaky pitfalls.

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  1. What are the basic film principles and terms that everyone pretends to know, but few actually understand?
  2. What are the most useful tricks of the trade that I've picked up in my 10-year career as a film technician working on major studio pictures?
  3. What are the obvious, and not so obvious, traps that every filmmaker should avoid?



Jean-François DaSylva-LaRue, Sr Copywriter & Film Dir, Tank Communications

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