SXSW Interactive 2013

Getting Away With It: IBM Social Sells the Cloud

IBM and its web-based offering, the IBM Public Cloud, has gone social with its selling – and is exporting the practice overseas. Beginning in the US, developed & launched an innovative Social Selling Program to help Public Cloud sales reps close new business using social media channels & techniques – primarily because traditional teleprospecting and email were not a market best fit. By embarking on internal social selling education, a social action marketing calendar, an influencer strategy, a social content management system, weekly reporting & prospect social tracking through the sales pipeline, the innovations has proven that social media has an invaluable contribution to the B2B sales & marketing mix. Hear from IBM on how this Social Selling Program was developed, the learning that the campaign has produced both in US and Europe – and the results that are now serving to influence the use of social media as a sales and marketing tool in b-to-b markets at IBM overall.

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  1. What culture change implications were involved in moving from traditional to social selling channels, both in US and Europe?
  2. How was buy-in from the organization achieved, and what hurdles needed to be overcome?
  3. Why are social media content and channels proving to be useful for Web-based services sales and marketing in particular?
  4. What types of training is necessary to “operationalize” sales professionals for social media communications?
  5. How is social media integrated (or not) with other channels in the sales pipeline – and how is tracking leads any different?



Chet Dalzell, PR Strategist & Practitioner, on behalf of..., Mason Zimbler, a Harte-Hanks Company

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